Thursday, March 1, 2012

The quote of the day

Well, I decide to delay my work life post as previously think to post it at first. It will be short post today. 

First thing first, I dunno this Leng Yein, a model, until the dog abuse, you know the adorable poodle named, shusi. I'm not gonna to recall, pay attention and discuss about the focking jerk who abuse that shusi, so skip it. Maybe you can click here and find out. That is the only moment I know here.

Her story? Anything about her? I just know nothing about her until she is one of my fb friends. As people know me they know why. I read her thoughts, she is Aries (LIKE MAX!), and she is just the person I like the most, strong, dare, especially she have her own style, not following other people, 敢爱敢恨,敢怒敢言,敢说敢做,敢做敢当!!! Unpretentious (hate faker), she even post her plastic surgery photo. See!

Now, come back to the topic. This wall photo post is awesome. Do not underestimate this short post, inside got lots can be quotes though. See, all my friends.......... it could be more and more..

Spotted? the quote of mine from her..

BTW, today is a good start of my day, thanks my siblings, and I sure never let you'll down! I'm going to use her as my example.


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