Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nature Owlet - The MNS Shop

"Good product is only half the battle, but lack of outstanding talent for sales and management, want to successfully achieve our goals is not easy." 陈志成 (DIJOCPOR,5401,主板产业股)

But how? It's meaningful yet difficult especially not apply into my kind of no business brain thing.

A few weeks ago, I was complaining took pictures was very tired, imagine hundred of object pictures and needed urgently,  it's finally... H.A.L.F done. Yeah, half. 

The Facebook page is finally half done. Many people don't actually know I'm engaged in what kind of job, um, even my close friends. They know but not in detail. 

It's hard to explain if you're not a nature lover, however, in simple I'm just a normal sales executive in Nature Owlet. The products for sale in the shop are mostly specific and particular in certain things that related to nature or environment, like...


T-Shirt , Organic cotton T-shirt, Nucleus Inner wear and under wear
[What is the difference in between organic cotton and conventional cotton can be found here. It's expensive for sure, since it's not that famous, but why not make it into common and make the price goes down? *LOL*
I had, yeah, I bought The Plumeria Vee and The Vanda Tanga, I have to admit I'm quite interesting with the shop products, they are quite attracting me, no people force me to buy, not because I need it, but I want it. And, believe me, the cotton is so much comfy and soft.]

Birds, Plants, Moths, Reptiles, Mammals, Marine, Kids & so forth
[I read some content of the books, like Fresh Ingredients, but, I don't think need to own a book. *peace*]

Leech Sock
[If I know this leech sock is actually for sale in this world, I'll definitely get it during my secondary school time for jungle tracking. But, it's too late.]

soft bottle
[Alright, I owned this platypus bottle, too. Yaya, it looks a bit like shampoo pack which was the comment  that received  from my friends, but, it's convenience and useful for me, especially when I use my CR bag, I sure bring this bottle out. It help to save a lot of space. Well, although it's expensive and hard to be cleaned the inside of bottle.]

[So yeah, we do have outdoor products like the above and towel (I think to buy, because it's micro fiber *laugh*), dry bag, hammock and etc. I also had the buff. It's multipurpose function and made from micro fiber, it's expensive though, but, I just instead wanna to get it after play this video. 
Oh, look at her, when can I only become like her? So, pro!
Not to forget, this buff did help me to insulation like in cinema. ]


Environmentally-friendly Stationary
O'Bon / ProGreen
[Haha, I had it, too :) Alright, it's true that this O'bon pencil made from newspaper is harder, I mean the cartridge inside the O'bon pencil will not be so easily broken as the ordinary pencil. And you'll be found Pro Green pen, which mainly made from cornstarch.]

What products have been covered in my blog are only half of all, there's more, which you can visit our Facebook Page. Click H.E.R.E. or click the picture below to find out more.

The MNS Logo
(P/S: Many people confuse about MNS and WWF, but I wanna to mention, both are difference, MNS is Malaysia & WWF is International, both are actually seperate, don't mix up with them *smile*)

China's birders

Since it's half done, so, I could half public open to my friends. So, as a friend of mine, do you mind to click a Like on the FB Page?
Support the page = Support me≥▽≤ 

Of course, I won't force people to buy thing, people who know me, they know that, I'll only tell the truth, it's good or not good *tongue*.

So, guys, don't get confusing, what I mention on this [...] bracket, is not convincing, is actually my comment and experience after used.

And, I'm not promoting, I just wanna to bring information to people, these products do exist. Any interesting could be drop by the shop, the location is available in google map, becareful don't miss it. *tongue*

Now clear what am I busying in now? *LOL* 


  1. You are my official source of random information and trivia - this is so cool :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. so cool ^^ thanks for sharing